Activities for adults, children and families

It is widely accepted, the last years, and most importantly scientifically proven, that the close bond with nature improves the natural and mental health of humans, activating the procedures of learning and creativity.


And it can also be a life-changing experience that may involve both individuals and groups. The activities organized by the Kalloni EIC aim to bring in contact and deep connection the participants primarily to the rich nature of Lesvos and progressively with the local and global environmental issues of our time.

We regularly organize series of seminars about the identification and interpretation of natural elements or daily events dedicated to a certain theme, with open participation for the general public.  For more details, you can always follow our past and upcoming events here.

For the second half of August (until usually October 10) when the autumn migration is taking place for the wetland birds, there are birdwatching sessions every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning. For more information, see here.