Bird news beginning of December 2022

Bird news
Great White Egret by Nifida port

Here are the highlights of our monitoring along the eastern coast of the Kalloni Gulf (Nifida to Messa) and a few more wetlands of the northern parts conducted on 8 and 10 December.

Nifida marsh and sea

Shag 12

Great White Egret 1, Grey Heron 1

Meadow Pipit 6

Black-headed and Mediterranean Gulls
Black-headed and Mediterranean Gulls
Polchnitos Salt Pans and sea

Mallard 15

Greater Flamingo 174

Among them were two birds with plastic rings (white with black letters):

- "Τ | HCP" ringed in Turkey as a chick in 2007 (15 years old!) and controlled (re-recorded): on16/02/22 by the Kalloni Salt Pans (St. Zannetos), on 27/02/2022 by Messa wetland (M. Bakas) and on 5/3/2014 by the Kalloni Pans (E. Galinou)

- "Τ | FHN" ringed in Turkey as a chick in 2009 (13 years old!) and was controlled previously on 3/10/14 by the Kalloni Salt Pans (E. Galinou).

Great White Egret 2, Grey Heron 6

Little White Egret 4, Black Stork 2

Grey Plover 2, Redshank 16

Dunlin 68, Kentish Plovers 36

Pied Avocet 1

Greater Flamingo with a plastic ring
Greater Flamingo with a plastic ring
Another Greater Flamingo with a ring
Another Greater Flamingo with a plastic ring
Black Stork
Black Stork
Dunlins and Flamingos
Alikoudi marsh

Yellow-legged Gull 57

Black-headed Gull 3

Goldfinch 29, Chaffinch 11

Corn Bunting 11

Yellow-legged Gull
Yellow-legged Gull
Arhaia Pyrra sea area

Black-headed Gull 200

Mediterranean Gull 60

Marsh Harrier 1

Shags (immature and adult)
Shags (immature and adult)
Messa wetland

Common Shelduck 12, Ruddy Shelduck 2

Dalmatian Pelican 1, Spoonbill 1

Greater Flamingo 60

Ennia Kamares (Christou)

Dalmatian Pelican 1

Spoonbill 6, Black Stork 1

Kalloni Salt Pans (incomplete)

Dalmatian Pelicans 12 (Michael Bakas)

Black Stork 3

Greater Flamingo 1000

Tsiknias river mouth area

Greenshank 1

Kingfisher 1