Bird news end of August

Bird news
Juvenile Flamingos_Kalloni Pans_E_Galinou

The temperature fluctuates between 24 to 33 degrees (07:00-10:30). On August 24 and 25 it rained heavily in parts of the Central and Western Lesvos (Parakila marsh is full again).

Here are the highlight bird sightings from several areas:

Kalloni Salt Pans

Dalmatian Pelican  7

Flamingos 1000+, the 1st juv of the year, arrived on the 19th of August, and they were 25 by the end of the month.

Pied Avocet 50-100

Ruff 20 (Aug 31- B. van Bommel via Observado)

Little Stint 7 (Aug 31- B. van Bommel via Observado)

Alpine Swift 10+ (Aug 28)

Kalloni Pans to Tsiknias

Short-toed Eagle 2 (Aug 31- B. van Bommel via Observado)

Montagu's Harrier 1 (Aug 23-28)

Roller 1 (Aug 31- B van Bommel via Lesvos Birders FB)

Bee-eater 10-20 

The first few Whinchats, Northern Wheatears (as migrants) and Willow Warblers, are recorded.

Roller by B. van Bommel
Roller_Tsiknias river by B van Bommel
Alpine Swift
Alpine Swift_Kalloni Pans north_E_Galinou
Red-backed Shrike
Red-backed Shrike_western Lesvos_E_Galinou
Short-toed Eagle
Short-toed Eagle_western Lesvos_E_Galinou
Complete checklists submitted online can be accessed here:

e-bird  (updated throughout the year and where we submit the Kalloni EIC records in the long term)

observado- lesvos (active during April-May and September by Dutch visitor birders)

bird-track (by British visitor birders)

Share your own records

Please, submit your records via the above databases, share them on Facebook (Lesvos Bird News or Lesvos Birders groups), or send them directly to us here.

Little White Egret
Little White Egret_Kalloni Pans_E_Galinou
Bee-eaters getting ready for the rain
Bee-eaters_Tsiknias river_E_Galinou
Willow Warbler
Willow Warbler_Kalloni Pans to Tsiknias river _E_Galinou
Winchat and Northern Wheatear
Whinchat and Northern Wheatear_Tsiknias_E_Galinou