Bird news end of October

Bird news
Mediterranean seasonal ponds still dry

Today (30/10), the weather was cold early in the morning (12°C), and the morning was sunny with a northern breeze (3-4B). We had the change to wintertime on our clocks last night.

Here are the birds counted by the Kalloni Salt Pans:

Mallard 46

Dalmatian Pelican 25

Great White Pelican 2

Great Cormorant 323

Greater Flamingos 1.130

Great White Egret 33, Little White Egret 1

Grey Heron 41

Black Stork 3, Spoonbill 18

Grey Plover 2

Pied Avocet 3, Redshank 9

Sparrowhawk 2, Kestrel 1

House Sparrows (male and female)
House Sparrows (male and female)
This year's salt harvest
This year's harvest- Kalloni Salt Pans