White Storks

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Kalloni wetlands, birdwatching, White Stork

The very first observation of a White Stork was made on February 27 by the Papiana village nest (as reported by neighbor Nora Karathanasi).

The following days, a bird was photographed by the Kalloni Square nest (Mar 2, by Myrsini Skiadelli). A single bird was seen sleeping in the Papiana nest a week later (Mar 6) morning while no bird was seen in the Kalloni square nest a few moments later. The bird was also reported visiting an old nesting site in the Kalloni village later the same day (by Stamatis Marathogiannis).

We believe it is still only one White Stork going around all the suitable nesting places, and our guesses are he/she will finally occupy the Papiana nest...