Legal Framework

The definition of protected areas in Greece aims to protect and preserve important natural habitats, species of wild flora and fauna (and their habitats) and natural landscapes.

It is guided by laws 1650/86 "For the protection of the environment" (and its amendment by law 3937/2011 "For the conservation of Biodiversity and other provisions") and law 4685/2020 "Modernization of environmental legislation, integration in the Greek legislation of the Directives 2018/844 and 2019/692 of the European Parliament and of the Council and other provisions ".

There are the following categories of protected areas in Greece:

  • Areas for biodiversity protection (Natura 2000 network)
  • National Parks
  • Wildlife Refuges
  • Protected Landscapes and Protected Natural Formations

For the institutionalization of the Biodiversity Protection Areas and the National Parks, a Special Environmental Study-SES and Management Plans-MP is prepared in order to make process, and  this process to be completed with the issuance of a relevant Presidential Decree-PD.

Ministry of Environment: Legislation