Bird news mid June

Bird news
Kalami marsh by mid June- Eleni Galinou

We visited the wetlands of the N and E Kalloni gulf coast during this partly rainy morning (June 11)- it had rained also the day before! Here are the highlights of the bird sightings:

Tsiknias river mouth and ford

Moorhen 2

Great White Egret 1

Common Tern 2

Bee-eater 3

Reed Warbler 4+, Black-headed Bunting 4+

Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Corn Bunting, House Sparrow

Common Terns by the Tsiknias river
STHIR_Tsiknias_Eleni Galinou
A leucistic House Sparrow
A leucistic House Sparrow_ Tsiknias river_ E. Galinou
Black-headed Bunting
Black-headeda Bunting - E. Galinou
Tsiknias to Kalloni Pans track

Bee-eater 14

Olivaceous Warbler 2

Black-headed Bunting 3

Kalloni Pans west side

Common Shelduck 2 parents with 4 ducklings,

Black-winged Stilt 14+, Pied Avocet 50+

Flamingo, Black-headed Bunting, Olivaceous Warbler, Red-rumped Swallow

Flamingos and heavy machines in the Kalloni Pans
Flamingos, Kalloni Pans, June 2022
Kalami marsh pool (by the main road bridge)

Mallard, at least two family parties

Coot at least 3 family parties

Water Rail 1, Little Grebe 1 parent with 1 chick

Black Stork 2, Grey Heron 5

Steppe Buzzard 1

Messa lagoon

Common Shelduck 10

Dalmatian Pelican 3, imm.

Dalmatian Pelican by Messa lagoon
Dalmatian Pelicans by the Messa lagoon - E. Galinou- Kalloni EIC
Achladeri forest

Kruper's Nuthatch 1, heard shortly

Masked Shrike 1

Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Serin

Mikri Limni forest

Turtle Dove 1

Kruper's Nuthatch 3, probably a family party, foraging silently around

Masked Shrike 2, a pair at the edge of the forest

Short-toed Treecreeper 3+

Spotted Flycatcher 2+

Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Wood Lark 

Polichnitos village

White Stork 2 parents at nest with 2 chicks

White Stork nest by Polichnitos
White Stork nest, Polichnitos
Polichnitos Salt Pans

Common Shelduck 9, Ruddy Shelduck 2

Grey Heron 2, Flamingo 25

Pied Avocet 30+, Black-winged Stilt 20+

Kentish Plover 3, Little Ringed Plover 1

Common Tern 11, Little Tern 5

Pied Avocets
Pied Avocets _ E. Galinou - Kalloni EIC
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