Join the Global Shorebirds Count while on Lesvos

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Global Shorebirds Count 2021 CORRECT

A week, around World Shorebirds Day (September 6) is dedicated for a worldwide shorebird counting, held since 2014. For 2021 the dates of the counting are 1-7 September.

How to take part

- Have or create an eBird account

- Download the eBird app on your mobile (on Google Play) or submit your sightings later on a PC

- Don't forget to have a look at our "target species" here

- Find and count shorebirds on as many different locations as you can. We are sure wetlands are places you visit during your birding stay on Lesvos! 

- Sharing a checklist on eBird with another person or program ("worldshorebirdsday") is easy. See the steps here. In case you visit a site more than once during the 1-7 September period only one checklist from it will be needed and shared - it will be your decision which one.

Thank you!

Have a look at the online update of the results (sites, species, checklists) !!!

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Photos on the poster: Kentish Plover (Hans Glader), Little Ringed Plover (Eleni Galinou), Little Stint (Hans Glader), Curlew & Broad-billed Sandpipers (Petros Tsakmakis)