1st spring birdwatching event

Φρυγανοτσίχλονο_ Απολιθωμένο Δάσος_Ε_Γαληνού

The Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest and the Kalloni EIC in an effort to raise awareness about the Lesvos UNESCO Geopark and the Protected Natural Areas of the island, invite you to take part in our outdoor activities.

The Petrified Forest Park (Bali Alonia site, Sigri) is a small but very representative part of the Natura 200 Network site "Western Lesvos- Petrified Forest" (both a SAC and an SPA!): garrigue vegetation hillsides with rocky outcrops and valleys at a 250m elevation. There are different distances paved or dust trails within it that allow moving through the area in an easy and prolific (birdwatching) way.

Our goal is to find the very first arriving (returning from Africa) bird species of the area: Cretzschmar's and Cinereous Bunting, Northern, Eastern Black-eared and Isabelline Wheatear, the resident species Western Rock Nuthatch, Corn Bunting and possibly Short-toed Eagle, Little Owl and Chukar.

Join us on Sunday, April 3, 2022, from 10:30 to 12:30, for a guided birdwatching event at the Petrified Forest Park (find out how to get there here).

Adults and kids older than 8 years old may participate in our event, but families are welcomed! No more than 12 will be allowed in a group (infants included) and it is required to register for the event. The event will last for 1,5 hours and will involve walking around the trails of the park. The participating cost is the admission fee to the park (5 euros)- for ages 12 and up. Please bring your own binoculars if possible, although binoculars will be available by the centre if needed.

Register for the event: 22510-47033, 6972809610