Bird news - April 20, 2023

Bird news
230420_MEROPS_Faneromeni_Jim Sundberg

Here are the highlight bird sightings for April 20, 2023:

1st charter flights from the UK and Holland arrived today!

Polichnitos Salt Pans

Great Spotted Cuckoo 3, north end by coast (Simon Mitchell)

Mikri Limni forest

Kruper's Nuthatch 2

Achladeri forest

(Carl Derks)

Cuckoo 1, Pied Flycatcher 3 

Kalloni Salt Pans

Black-necked Grebes 2, in the sea (Derrick Robinson)

White Stork 14 (in groups of 5 and 7 that quickly circled high and headed north, plus 1 that stayed down, of the nearby nest)

Black Stork 3

Glossy Ibis

Spur-winged Plover 1 at SW corner (Derrick Robinson and reported all day from several observers)

Wood Sandpiper 70+, Ruff 40

Black-tailed Godwit 1

Collared Pratincole 2 (Steve Bird)

Montague's Harrier 2, male, am (Derrick Robinson & Steve Bird)

Pallid Harrier 1, female (Killian Mullarney)

Booted Eagle 1, dark morph (Leon Berthou)

Alpine Swift 5 (pm)

Bee-eater 5 (Steve Bird)

Great Spotted Cuckoo 1 (Steve Pogson & Leon Berthou)

Greater- Short-toed Lark 1 (Leon Berthou)

Red-throated Pipit 2 (Steve Pogson & Steve Bird)

Spanish Sparrow 500+ (pm)

Short-toed Eagle (Giannis Karatzas)
230420_CIGAL_kalloni Pans_Giannis Karatzas
Spur-winged Plover (Eleni Galinou)
230420_VASPI_Kalloni Pans_Eleni Galinou

Tsiknias river

Bee-eaters 5, pm (Ellen Walsh)

Pallid Swift 1, pm (Howard Voghan)

Skala Kalloni pool

Glossy Ibis 6 (Terry Tossell)

Squacco Heron 4 (Efterpi Marmarou)

Night Heron 3, flyovers (Carl Derks)

Old Potamia reservoir

Little Crake 1 (Mark Bradberry)

Metochi lake

Little Crake 3, 1 of them male (Carl Derks)

Purple Heron 1 (Carl Derks)

Parakila marsh

Spur-winged Plover 1 (Efterpi Marmarou)


Faneromeni, Sigri

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater 1 (Jim Sundberg)- on cover photo! 

Bee-eater 10  (Jason Coopock)

Turtle Dove 7 (Jason Coopock)

Golden Oriole 5 (Jason Coopock)

Barred Warbler 1 (Jason Coopock)

Wood Warbler 30+ (Jason Coopock)

Collared Flycatcher 2, PIed Flycatcher 2 (Jason Coopock)

Sigri to Eressos track (via Meladia Valley)

(Jason Coopock)

Turtle Dove 6

Long-legged Buzzard 1, Lesser Kestrel 19

Alpine Swift 10

Citrine Wagtail 1, female, Tree Pipit 25+

Crag Martin 2

Pied Flycatcher 2

Red-backed Shrike 20

Ortolan Bunting 1, Black-headed Bunting


Kavaki, Molivos

Chukar 1, Sub-alpine Warbler 2 (Leon Berthou)


Loutra village

Laughing Dove 2


Chukar 1 (Valerie Karameta Triboulot)

Chukar (Valerie Karameta Triboulot)
230420_ALCHU_Charamida_Valerie Carameta Triboulot
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